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More than 75% of Tanzanians are involved with agriculture, where more than 50% of the activities are done by women, but it’s very unfortunate that majority of them do not even see the rewards of their sweat, this is attributed to various cultural practices, unstructured economic models, and lack of affirmative actions to liberate and empower women economically.

Manjano Foundation is a social enterprise that seeks to liberate and empower women and girls in Africa by offering practical tools, skills, and knowledge that are needed for their transformation.
The foundation plans to achieve this by designing and executing various projects that will add value to current interventions, introduce new empowerment models, and involve people with incredible experience and expertise.

The foundation is a brainchild of Shear Illusions Company limited, a Tanzanian-based beauty and cosmetics powerhouse that manufactures and distributes a variety of beauty and cosmetics products. (For more details please visit

The company is popularly known for its signature product, LuvTouch Manjano, which has become the household brand for every woman in Tanzania, and across the continent. (For more details please visit

The Foundation carries out its activities across the Tanzania, with plans to set footprints across the continent.


The foundation focuses on three (3) main areas;

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Health care
  • Education
Please contact our offices for further details and potential areas of collaboration