Message from the Founder.

Shekha Nasser.

  • Having had the opportunity to succeed as a nationally acclaimed Entrepreneur in Tanzania’s cosmetology industry one would have thought I had reached the pinnacle of my dreams and I was living my dream.

    To my own shock even when Shear illusions was a household name in Tanzania I still felt a missing piece to bring me full satisfaction and a definite sense of purpose in life. Slowly but surely I started organizing annual fundraisers to help solve the urgent issues in my society and I promise you that was when I precisely started filling that satisfaction that I was craving. Now for the year of 2015, I decided to officially launch a foundation that would touch the lives of the women and youth in my community who have been loyal clients to me through the past 10 years. Having studied the market and the beauty needs of my people, I knew I had to do something about all those fake skin and beauty products that flood our market.

    Someone who truly cared for the nationals had to be accountable for the chemistry and composition of the products that my community used and I knew that I was in the best position to address this matter. After five years of research and training that I got from the London school of beauty and makeup artistry (LSBM), I came back home and opened my own beauty product line called LuvTouch Manjano.

    The more I used myself to create solutions for my community, the more I was able to find other fruitful avenues that I would use to empower my people. In my society a lot of young women even graduates struggle to find sources of income and end up in places no mother would be in position to sleep at night thinking of what a waste the lives of our young ladies are coming to.

    This unemployment situation in my community now birthed the solution of my product line economically empowering young women through the Manjano Dream-makers program. I might not be in position to wipe out all the problems in my society but today I sleep better with a great sense of satisfaction that I have been the solution to the problem in my community.

    I know from my spiritual belief that Allah puts us on this earth to be His vessels of help to others and for me I have finally found that final piece that brings me the ultimate satisfaction as an entrepreneur and a mother in my community.