Our Areas of focus

Manjano Foundation is a not for profit, registered as a company limited by guarantee

The Foundation focuses on three (3) main areas of intervention namely income generation through entrepreneurship, education, and health, with the primary bias on empowering women across the country

The Foundation created a franchise entrepreneurship program dubbed as Manjano Dream-Makers

The program main vision is to create a new bleed of well empowered entrepreneurs, especially girls and women who can transform their lives and the lives of their local communities across Tanzania by simply using luvtouch cosmetics business model

The foundation is a platform for Shear Illusions Limited to execute its CSR programs and pay back to the community

The foundation executes its objectives by designing projects and activities that are geared toward the three (3) thematic areas

It is a franchise program that works to empower entrepreneurs especially women and young girls to establish their own luvtouch cosmetics businesses through mentorship, executive coaching, training in business skills and motivational talks

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