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Manjano Foundation was birthed from a series of social corporate responsibility programs of Shear Illusions over the years.

One of the most landmark programs was the charity ball. Inaugurated on 2nd October 2010 by Hon January Makamba, the Blast from the Past Shear Charity ball was an instant success, far reaching and touched the lives of the targeted people the ball was engineered to benefit.  In October 2010 a fantastic 10,000 USD was fundraised to support the education and wellbeing of orphaned children for SOS children’s villages as well as help the CCBRT Foundation with the surgeries to reverse the Fistula problem that the women in the nation of Tanzania especially the women from the villages who have no income to pay for such a costly treatment.

The amount was shared equally between the two organizations, SOS Children’s villages got $5,000 of the amount raised and they were able to cover for annual tuition fees of 10 of its children, where each child costs $500 per annum. A fistula surgery costs $300 per woman, this means the amount that was raised to support CCBRT covered for approximately 17 women to undergo surgery at the hospital.

On Saturday, 1st October 2011 Shear Illusions proudly hosted the 2nd Shear Charity Ball that raised Tsh. 56,000,000 for CCBRT’s fistula project ‘Restoring the dignity of women’ and the rehabilitation project of clean and safe water at Amana Municipal Hospital. . CCBRT and Amana Hospital shared equally the funds raised.

The support and sponsorship of various individuals, companies and organisations helpeded fund the Shear charity campaign to create awareness and cure women with fistula, and may probably help motivate the Tanzania Government to increase funding for the prevention and treatment of obstetric fistula.


Since 2010, Shear illusions through its Charity initiatives (Shear Charity Ball event) set up to bring different organizations and individuals together with the sole aim of collecting and giving to the needy and underprivileged through charity organizations and other institutions whose aim is the welfare of the aforementioned. This event also celebrates the role of the organizations and individuals who sponsor, support and organize charitable causes. Since its inception, a total of TSh.71,000,000(almost USD $40,000) has been realized in collections that were donated to three different organizations, namely SOS Children’s Villages, CCBRT and Amana Municipal Hospital in this amazing feat of humility and conscience at these glorious gathering.

About Shear Illusions

  1. Shear Illusions is a known brand and popular cosmetics company in Tanzania for manufacturing and distributing various cosmetics products
  2. With ten (10) years of operation, profitability, and growing a huge network of customers, the company decided that its about time it pays back the benefits to the community
  3. The community is a part and parcel of the company’s growth, it is therefore logical to thank the community by changing their lives positively
  4. With that note, the company started the foundation, “Manjano Foundation”, named after the company’s most popular brand Luvtouch Manjano
  5. The foundation is established as a platform to develop programs and projects for empowering local communities across the country.